“Design without limits and jump at new challenges: everything can be designed differently and better.”
Adriano Design

Life is a game. True champions play with style and elegance, emotion and passion. Teckell celebrates this way of life with its foosball table line, in particular Cristallino. Simply style and soul in pure crystal. Cristallino is created using cutting-edge technology and the skilled hands of Italian artisans who perfect every detail for an unique and exclusive work of art.


The swoosh of the ball as it swiftly rolls across a taut pool table surface. Clack. A clean, clear sound. The sublime soundtrack of Teckell’s T1 pool table. Made entirely of crystal, it’s now available with interchangeable side walls. The legs are glass plates with beveled edges on both sides that ensure the table is stable; the base is made of solid wood with carved grooves for securing the glass and hiding the perfect regulation system.


Time becomes emotion with the Adagio floor clock. A pure crystal case is secured by a Carrara marble base and top. Inside, the clock’s precious inner workings are well-protected and seem to be floating in space. Experience the age-old sense of satisfaction of manually adjusting the clock, as if time is in your hands.


A modern, minimalist foosball table with a sleek, lightweight wooden frame that keeps the game rolling until the very end. Sporty at its core, the table is made of canaletto walnut, a prized wood utilized in the elegant interiors of luxury yachts.


The sublimely minimalistic crystal shell lets you gaze upon the elegant, smoked crystal structure. This is the perfect backdrop for the 24k-gold-plated mechanism, the clock's sparkling touch. The sheet of transparent crystal protects the timepiece's excellent mechanism. The crystal is just 12 mm thick, permitting a clear view of the clock's inner workings and the contrasting colors. A highly sophisticated design object that will catch everyone's eye. The room's stylish star and the official time keeper.