The wood used in the Teckell collection isn’t your ordinary wood. It comes from trees that have grown slowly in the damp forests surrounding the Barban family’s carpentry workshop. Only when ready, the old-growth wood is lovingly treated and carved in the same workshop. In fact, Gianfranco Barban's family background helped sculpt and continually inspires his professional journey: “In essence, I was born in this carpentry workshop. I loved spending time there and in the forest just outside our door.”


Few would imagine that a miniscule grain of sand, tumbling in the ocean waves, could become a luminous work of art. Yet magic happens. Teckell’s crystal materializes from this wondrous blend of the most modern technology and the age-old craftsmanship of master glassworkers. Delicate beauty yet remarkable strength are in perfect harmony. Light and shapes come together to give life once again to unique products.


Marble, an eternally beautiful material. Teckell has chosen this rock to add grandeur to certain extraordinary design pieces, transforming them into true works of art. Italy’s finest Renaissance artists created with this marvelous material. History, art and hard work run relentlessly through the marble’s delicate veins. Forever fascinating.


Bathed in light, gold glimmers even more, its timeless beauty magnified. Unequaled. Just as the Takto’s collection Vivace clock, glorious with its 24K-gold-plated gears on view, or the Biliardo T2 Custom, a pool table with side walls that evoke the rippling ocean.


The sparkling, luminescent diamond is transformed into shiny black. It’s DLC, short for diamond-like carbon. A coating with infinite uses and features that was created to reduce friction and abrasion’s wear and tear. Suffice it to say when applied in its purest form, the lifespan of a mechanism increases from one week to 85 years. Teckell selected DLC coating as the finish for its Takto pendulum clocks and other timepieces. DLC is also used in Formula 1 racing, on the NASCAR circuit and by cutting-edge automobile manufacturers, such as Maserati. The material is even playing an important role in avant-garde medical applications.