“A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.”
Frank Capra, director

Always avant-garde, experimenting, surprising. This are the pillars supporting Teckell founder Gianfranco Barban’s innovative research. “We are not interested in being conventional. The object has to be altered in light of our intuition, not the opposite. Research and development should be continual; ideas for product improvements often come from diverse worlds and mind-sets. This is why I am always searching for collaborators who share my open-mindedness.”


Inspiration is always in the air, even in a billowing windsurfing sail on a gusty Sunday morning on Lake Maggiore. In fact, the scene sparked the creative genius of Teckell and designer Marc Sadler, whose work has been displayed in New York’s Museum of Modern Art. They’ve revolutionized the T1 pool table’s traditional cloth, drawing inspiration from windsurfing sails that remain taut due to rigid poles inserted in pocket-like slots on the sail.


What do one of Teckell’s Takto clocks and a Maserati have in common? The heart. In fact, a Maserati’s engine and the inner workings of many Takto clocks are enhanced with a diamond-like coating, or DLC. This innovative, carbon-based coating significantly reduces friction, guaranteeing maximum performance.


Teckell has created “Underground,” a limited-edition foosball table, for the Maison & Objet design fair in Miami. The Italian street artist VAPS collaborated on the cutting-edge project. The Contropiede model’s legs were painted a shocking yellow. Then VAPS, armed with a special black varnish, began working his magic. Freehand, of course. And with Teckell’s complete admiration. Because coloring not just outside the lines but without lines is true Teckell style.


Pure and innocent, fragile and delicate, a dazzling, fleeting beauty. The windflower’s magic inspired René Lalique in 1931 when he created his first crystal flower. In the new Takto pendulum clock, the Anemone’s ephemeral beauty becomes as firmly established as the passing of time. Teckell’s intuition and engineering expertise combine with the craftsmanship of Lalique’s master glassworkers to create a exquisite timepiece, an elegant design object with a fairy-tale aura. Every Anemone is an authentic masterpiece in miniature. Just as 80 years ago, the handcrafted wonder blooms from crystal with not a single detail overlooked.


Teckell doesn’t play around with its table surfaces. Only Simonis® 860, the finest bar none, made of worsted wool and available in 28 different colors. Each more spectacular than the next. All you need to do is select the perfect color to match the setting. And if you get tired of a particular shade, change it. The surfaces are removable, thanks to Teckell’s patented plug-and-play system.