Made in Italy is a philosophy rooted in quality, craftsmanship and infinite creativity. Now we look toward the north, near Italy’s border with Switzerland and not far from the international city of Milan. In fact, northern Italy’s eternal beauty is a constant source of inspiration for Teckell: the dramatic mountains framed by the cobalt blue sky; the lakes, still and reflective or choppy and vibrant; the lush countryside that embraces and embellishes the small towns in Milan’s outskirts. The forests’ chilly, crisp air blends with the aromas of an espresso and aftershave. This is how an ordinary day begins for an Italian master craftsman and Teckell’s new projects come to life.


Excellence arises from a limitless, burning desire to do things well. All-nighters and Sunday afternoons are spent at work, yet the exhaustion evaporates as soon as one lays eyes on a perfect Teckell product.


Niente ha più valore per Teckell che regalare un sorriso, soprattutto se a sorridere sono gli occhi di un bambino. Infatti, per Teckell, la filantropia è alla base della filosofia aziendale. Per questo ha partecipato a eventi come il Gala benefico ‘Per il sorriso di un bambino’ o la preziosa raccolta fondi per il Cesvi.


Gianfranco Barban has always been curious, testifies his brother Giuliano with a knowing smile: “Since he was little, he’s been obsessed with knowing what was inside objects. That’s why no one would ever give him a toy. He’d immediately crack it open.” This spirit lives on at Teckell. The inquisitive minds want to know more, look beyond the surface, respect yet reinterpret tradition. Whether they're revolutionizing games like foosball and pool or revealing the sleek, modern side of the age-old pendulum clock.


Teckell faces the perennial challenge of creating phenomenal products that also reflect the latest trends. Products that simultaneously exemplify minimaldesign, blend in well in a contemporary-classic setting and look perfect in an home with an exclusive style. Fine yet definite lines, extraordinary details and finishes set Teckell apart. Such as the pool tables’ gold-plated side walls and interchangeable playing surfaces. And the foosball tables’ handles and foosmen in precious finishes. Plus the Takto pendulum clocks’ impeccable gears.


La filosofia di Teckell si basa sulla volontà di fare ogni giorno meglio di quanto fatto nel precedente. Una filosofia di vita e lavoro che porta alla continua ricerca di nuovi materiali, di esperienze tattili e visive, alla riscoperta della più autentica armonia delle forme. La stessa armonia che ritrovare nelle linee leggere del telaio di 90° Minuto, in legno massello, della collezione Teckell Calcio Balilla.

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