“We never stop improving our products, and thanks to our collaborators, we are continually discovering new ideas and solutions,” Gianfranco Barban said. Trust is the tie that binds innovative Teckell and its master craftsmen, a creative force capable of the extraordinary. These are not merely business contacts but long-term relationships that have become friendships based on mutual respect.


The master clockmakers who create Teckell’s Takto clocks are not only skilled artisans. They’re also mad geniuses. “What we were doing seemed insane, but the final results were astonishing,” said Luigi, a master clockmaker. “A Takto timepiece is so precise that it will lose or add only one second per week, compared to six or seven every day for a highly accurate wristwatch.”


For Gianfranco Barban, nature is an endless source of inspiration: “I will occasionally ask myself how nature would have designed the objects that surround us. Would they have been created in a solid color or with a ruler and t-square? Definitely not.” Such daydreaming resulted in Surface, a project created in Gianfranco’s experimental workshop B.Lab. This revolutionary method infuses liquid colour under the surface of objects, seeking to reproduce nature’s nuanced palette.


“Research in diverse fields uncovers new aspects,” Teckell CEO Gianfranco Barban said. “For example, if I create a chair with a musician, the product will have a spirit and a style completely different than a chair created with a traditional designer”. Teckell always aims to present something exceptional, innovative, different than the status quo. This isn’t simply designing but combining: research, passion, ideas and a fusion of inspirations.


Made by Master Craftsman.

Craftsman create every Teckell piece with their rough and often wrinkled hands, living proof of their expertise. These hands, when they were still smooth, were taught the art by a master craftsman who, in his day, had learned from another master craftsman. Generations who cut crystal, carve wood and mill metal to create the one-of-a-kind pieces in the Teckell collection.